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A note on the title of this blog

When I try to give people the link to this blog, I end up cursing myself because it's impossible to spell. Why did I choose 'technē and poiēsis' anyways? I was trying to remember- it was such a long time ago! But eventually I remembered Ignasi de Solà-Morales' collection of essays, called 'Differences: Topographies of Contemporary Architecture'. This anthology often lay beside my computer as I was working on my research papers in Rome. I think I was particularily captivated by Solà-Morales' analysis of Martin Heidegger, in the essay called 'High Tech: Functionalism or Rhetoric':

"The historic rupture between doing and being, between technē and poiēsis, is, in Heidegger, the expression of an essential malaise in modern humanity and society. The cure for this malaise lies in art: in building, dwelling, and thinking."

According to Heidegger, technē is a Greek word that means 'to make something appear', whereas poiēsis means the art of …