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When I was deciding what to use on the roof of the Carabane, I quickly arrived at the conclusion that corrugated aluminum panels would be best. For multiple reasons:
-They are light (3kg/m2)
-I preferred using large panels over small elements such as tiles, because I would need to anchor each tile individually. I felt that large panels was a more secure option.
-They are pretty much foolproof in terms of rainwater shedding, as long as you overlap them properly.
-I can use screws to anchor them directly into strapping- no hooks or special anchors needed
-I could order them pre-curved with the radius I needed.

The manufacturer had certain requirements for the curving radius and the minimum/maximum length of panels. So after a few back-and-forth e-mails with the technician, I came up with my order:

The width of the panels was fixed at 1m6, with a corrugation every 7.6cm. I adjusted my design so that the roof would be a whole number of corrugations, so I wouldn't end up with one edge …