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La Carabane, c'est parti!

I’ve been spending time with a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. They have become accustomed to me working on the 3d model of the caravan. ‘Sam, elle fait sa carabane!’. I asked them what they would like if they had one. ‘A bed, and a shelf for my books, and a cupboard for my puzzles. And a swingset’. Everyone has their own ideal for what makes a home! It has been a good exercise for me to imagine what is my own minimum necessary equipment for living. Maybe not a swingset, but here is my list. This is what shaped my design.

 Windows. I dream of having a big double door that I can throw open when it’s nice out. Over the bed, I want a skylight so I can hear the rain and see the stars. Bed. Yes, this is necessary. Unlike most tiny houses, I don’t want to put the bed in a sleeping loft that is used only for sleeping. Table. This is the only piece of mobile furniture in the caravan. It is a multifunctional surface: dining table, desk, kitchen island. Bench. A fold-out bench is used as a sofa, a…