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A couple weeks ago...
The past couple weeks I have been working on insulating+paneling the interior, and this step is finally finished! I'm using 12mm pine plywood as a finish. I also routed out tongues-and-grooves on the panels so that they would always sit flush with one another.

A big challenge of this phase was to make the curved parts of the roof. I had to make hundreds of saw cuts to be able to bend the panel to shape.

I also added reinforcing ribs so that the curve would stay in place.

Using a home-made compass to trace out the ribs

Gluing the rib in place

After that, there was the question of how to get the panel onto the ceiling! I had help, but one extra pair of hands wasn't enough to hold the panel in place and get it fastened. It was too heavy and was warping in all directions. I ended up making a kind of formwork that could hold the panel in place temporarily as I put the screws in.

 Overall, I am pretty happy with how the joints line up. Of course, if I look closely, they aren't all exactly 2mm, but the overall effect is what I wanted: a uniform plywood volume.

This is my best work so far! I am satisfied with my precision around this window. It sits flush with the wall with a 2mm gap all around.