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It pays to have a design and to stick to it. Way back in January, I had started the kitchen. I found the stainless-steel countertop second-hand. The carpenter who was selling it offered to cut it for me. So I had the countertop before any other part of the house!  And I also started building the kitchen cabinets before I even started the walls of the caravan.

And then, beginning of April, I brought the assembly inside...and it fit. To the millimetre. That's one thing I am pretty proud of. That means that my construction is conform to the plans I drew...

The countertop came with the old plumbing and faucet. I was able to hook up the old faucet to a foot pump that is connected to a 25l jug. That's my water supply. I thought it would be complicated to make the different pipes fit together, but it turns out I just needed to slide one onto the other:

The drain is routed out through the floor of the caravan. I'm going to use a planter as a filter for the washing water.

Next was the gas hookup. That was one thing I needed to hire a professional for. I have three gas appliances: a heater, an oven, and a stove. They hooked it all up with copper tubing and put in the emergency shutoff valves.