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Showing posts from January 26, 2020

Plywood edges

I knew I wanted the interior of the caravan to be finished in plywood- it's easy to work with, relatively cheap, adds shear strength to the wood structure, and looks nice (at least in my opinion). But with plywood, there is always the question of how to treat the edges, which have a very different aesthetic than the surface. A lot of tutorials online say to glue a strip of veneer onto the edge so that it "looks like real wood". But my philosophy has always been that materials should look like themselves and not try to be something else. So I did some tests with my router. I had learned from my shelf project that a simple bevel on the edge of a panel gives it a finished look. Bevelling the edge will also help smooth off any splinters that might be left over from the saw cut. I tried one with a 45° bevel and one with a rounded corner, which I felt might be softer to the touch. I prefer the angled bevel though- it looks cleaner.