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House-to-trailer connections

For now, everything has been going so smoothly. But I was stuck for a while working on the connections between the wood structure and the metal trailer. Most Tiny Houses use a version of bolt-and-plate connections: a metal plate on top of the floor structure, a metal plate on the bottom of the trailer structure, and bolts to hold them together. In fact, the importer who sold me the trailer offered to sell me these assemblies. But I didn't know if the dimensions were appropriate for my construction and I thought I could make my own.

I tried first with pieces that had round holes- I found some brackets at the hardware store that had the correct sized holes and cut them apart to make plates. I put some threaded rod through the holes and a bolt on each end. But then I realised that a bolt on each end doesn't work, because trying to tighten one bolt loosens the other one. So I put a cap bolt (the bottom version in the picture below) on the top side.

Since this looked a bit fragile…